Life by the Yard


Black and white image of foliage growing in the yard.

Life by the yard.


So I called up the local PD. Asked them if I am allowed to keep goats in town.
“Just a minute sir, let me look that up”.

No. We are not allowed to keep goats within city limits (no ruminants at all, for that matter).

Very well.

We’ve let the yard go “native”… grasses, the remnants of what was once planted here (amazingly, the lettuce has self-seeded from last year and has been quite prolific), plain ‘ol weeds, an occasional flowering annual, and a heap of dandelions, all jostle and crowd each other for sunlight.

It is quite amazing. Really. When looked at closely, when seen for what it is, the yard glistens with all the same kinds of joys, ambitions and struggles that are on every surface of life, everywhere. There is a whole world full of action happening just outside my back door…  how glad I am that I’ve had the chance to see it for the first time.

More to come.


ps.  We then (that same day) received a warning from the PD code enforcement officer that our “weeds” were too tall, and that we would need to cut them within seven days or pay a fine.