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Noah, Rio de Janeiro. Feb 2013
Noah, Rio de Janeiro. Feb 2013

Born 1976, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

University of Arizona, B.F.A., Photography, 2010.
University of Colorado Boulder, M.S. Engineering Management – in progress.

I am both a Brazilian and an American (which makes me precisely neither).
Raised in Brazil, educated in the United States. I now live in Colorado.

After completing my undergraduate degree I had the privilege of working with
Frank Gohlke over the course of several years as his archive manager.

I am currently employed by the University of Colorado Boulder as an Engineering Technician with Planning Design and Construction. I think of myself as a “construction midwife”. My focus is on human capital and how to deliver the highest quality of construction through Commissioning, Partnering, and a very hands on QA/QC process.



Noah Huber
January, 2018.