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of henna

Roxanne has been putting henna in her hair ever since… I don’t know. Since she was a young woman, and learned to do it from her mother. When she arrived in my life, this was one of the first things that she did. I photographed the event. It is a ritual, a ceremony, a process, a marker in time, it is ancient and transient, it is a way accentuating her long hair, it is a way of being a participant in the beauty of life, it is a ritual, it is ceremonial. It is something that I love being allowed to witness. It is something that our daughter is growing up with, and may one day wish to do as well. It will be something she learned from her mother, when she was a young woman. I am so glad to be able to document these first early encounters where Rumi is learning about her mother’s rituals, celebrations, and ceremonies.

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