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I am moved by the feeling, of the thinking, of the breathing, of the now-ing knowing  .  . . feeling, that to know some little sliver of a universal truth, something eternal  .. . that by knowing that, we can taste just a bit of the cosmos from which we spring (tasting then, just a little taste of ourselves, as that sprung from the cosmos).

That by understanding something like what the meaning behind 1, or 7, or why the universe has certain symmetries but not others . .. that we, as a person, as an individual with that fundamental understanding, grow a little bit, and can stand just that much closer to the deep end of the cosmic pool, closer to being entirely submerged in the foundament of what we are, what it means to be an “I” in this universe of, … of so many “I’s” and at the same time so few I’s. Why is it so hard for an “I” to see itself?

Maybe, just maybe, by understanding something of the principles upon which our entire cosmic soup seems to be spun from, we can learn about the Heart of Being, whatever that may be, whatever that may is, whatever that may will ever be, whatever that wilst was wondreth wantonly wanders knowingly now



not in the sense of, “a very long time”, or even, “an infinite amount of time”, but in the sense of something that is outside of time, unbound by time, timeless. Something which time exists on top of, but which continues to be even when time is not.

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