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Category: Family

Article specifically about events in my immediate family life.

then Uma

And then came UMA. Why, why would I conjure such words, from where in my mental recesses, as quiet and powerful and expansive. That is…

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into the air the earth the water the wonder the tomorrow you climbed to the now without looking back your gilded hair the wind to…

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      if only we could grasp what flightless things these lives of men and women really are then would we see that stones…

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into and

  and the sea washes us washes us clean washes us ashore washes us lost washes us found and the sea washes us into new…

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The Swim

One of my favorite quotes from Joseph Campbell: The mystic swims in the water where the common man drowns.            …

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Heir Apparent

The Heir Apparent declared Mr. William Coachman Huber, when he got to see his first grand-daughter via his iPad. Rumi Huber was two days old when…

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