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Capa Taro

∆ Indochina Capa jumps Jeep two feet creep up the road To photo to record meat lumps and war They advance as does his chance…

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The Swim

One of my favorite quotes from Joseph Campbell: The mystic swims in the water where the common man drowns.            …

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Am Doing?

Every now and again it is a worthwhile exercise to ask oneself: what is it that I am doing? I’ve recently been through a few…

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Heir Apparent

The Heir Apparent declared Mr. William Coachman Huber, when he got to see his first grand-daughter via his iPad. Rumi Huber was two days old when…

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The Artist

  I married this woman. Or should I say, she married me. That reminds me a bit of the action/reaction of forces in the universe…

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