Born 1976, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

University of Arizona, B.F.A., Photography, 2010.
University of Colorado Boulder, M.S. Engineering Management – in progress ( … 2021).

I am both a Brazilian and an American (which makes me precisely neither).
Raised in Brazil, educated in the United States. I now live in Colorado.

After completing my undergraduate degree I had the privilege of working with
Frank Gohlke over the course of several years as his archive manager.

I work with the University of Colorado Boulder, serving as the Deputy Building Official. I am excited daily by the opportunity to contribute to the final form of spaces that serve the scholarly pursuit of a better world, and the campus environment that touches the lives of tens of thousands of present and future students and staff.

I think of myself as a “construction midwife”. My focus is on amplifying the culture of knowledge in the field: knowledge of what was designed, what is planned, and what the specific item or system delivery requires.

Fundamentally, I believe that human beings are capable of achieving incredible results, often greater than they expect of themselves. I serve to be a vehicle to other’s success.

I believe big things that work are comprised of thousands of small things that work; I also believe in the Broken Windows Theory, and do not tolerate carelessness in the execution of the plan.

I maintain my artistic practice. It is not a separate part of me.
The edge between art and pragmatism is not as crisp as most would have you believe.

The pursuit of productivity, excellence and social beneficence are expressions Love. Our experience is what we make of it. Love is everywhere you find it, because it is you.