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into the air the earth the water the wonder the tomorrow you climbed to the now without looking back your gilded hair the wind to…

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if heart thirsts light burns the air is still dance when rivers run dry your bones rest on stone love wilts dance if water rises…

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      if only we could grasp what flightless things these lives of men and women really are then would we see that stones…

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and Was

and Was is such a strange unfathomable I learned this morning at seven-thirty you died yesterday and Was this vacuum you left behind for me,…

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dying to dance

Everywhere around us the wilderness seems to writhe under a cacophony of competing lives. “It’s a dog eat dog world out there.” – is sometimes served…

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I am moved by the feeling, of the thinking, of the breathing, of the now-ing knowing  .  . . feeling, that to know some little…

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Un Sound

In a recent post I mentioned being in silence, as one of the pivots I rely on to… turn on, tune in, and drop out.…

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of henna

Roxanne has been putting henna in her hair ever since… I don’t know. Since she was a young woman, and learned to do it from…

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then Came

                        then Came but words nomore                …

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Where We Are

Back to James Creek today, back to the water and the trees, the stones and the moss, the glittering leaves and the ragged banks against…

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Re Mediation

Loose threads united. An old saw of mine, Joseph Campbell‘s many works, which circumscribe the edge of the rational, known, and the boundary of the…

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into and

  and the sea washes us washes us clean washes us ashore washes us lost washes us found and the sea washes us into new…

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@ Home

Life. In every shade, in every corner. Seen at home – right now, Louisville, Co. With any luck, soon to be elsewhere. Strange to start…

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