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Noah, Rio de Janeiro. Feb 2013
Noah, Rio de Janeiro. Feb 2013

Born 1976, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

University of Arizona, B.F.A., Photography, 2010.
University of Colorado Boulder, M.S. Engineering Management – in progress.

I am both a Brazilian and an American (which makes me precisely neither).
Raised in Brazil, educated in the United States. I now live in Colorado.

After completing my undergraduate degree I had the privilege of working with
Frank Gohlke over the course of several years as his archive manager.

I am currently employed by the University of Colorado Boulder within Planning Design and Construction. I think of myself as a “construction midwife”. My focus is on human capital and how help teams organize around delivering the bleeding edge of quality in capital construction.

In construction the Life Cycle Value of the asset … there is no truer purpose, no higher order of service.

I maintain my artistic practice. It is not a separate part of me. I live at the intersection of artistic awareness and the capital construction processes.

I see the actions of individuals as they join purposes around constructing a new structure in the world as both the medium and the artwork. In that milieu I seek to wend and weave towards what is beautiful, what is real, what is good, what is responsible, what is earnest, what is forthright, what is true, what is honorable, what is supportive, what is progressive, what is sustainable, what is in our dreams. It cannot be done alone, I seek the best performances of all involved.

Our experience is what we make of it.